Holiday Packages

You have several choices when it comes to your new CD-quality Christmas music library:
  • Send your wish list including any song you want. Pricing for 200-999 Christmas songs in one order would be $1.00 per song in your automation format, all uncompressed WAV song files. Order 3-199 songs at $1.50 each
  • Our library of 1240+ Christmas AC songs. Package of all of these titles is $500. Songs not on list, $1 each if ordered with this package.
  • Your choice of 300, 400 or 500 songs from our Christmas AC list of 1000+ songs. Pick and choose 300 songs for $200, 400 for $250, 500 songs for $300. Download our list and mark the ones you want with an x in column a at the far left. With one of these packages, songs not on the list, $1 each, or any of packs below, half price.
In addition to mass appeal pop, click on a list below to see other holiday music libraries: